Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Christo update

Christo, Over The River, Project For Arkansas River, State of Colorado
Drawing 2007 35,2 x 38,7 cm (13-7/8" x 15-1/4”)
Pencil, pastel, charcoal, enamel paint and wax crayon.
Photo: Wolfgang Volz, ©Christo 2007

We ran a story a few days ago that the BLM has asked Christo and Jeanne Claude to submit some more info before they do their big environmental impact study.

Here's a response about that from the project director:


Thanks for your interest, Mark. In answer to your question, no, this was not news to us. We met with BLM in December and they explained that they needed additional information before the EIS could get underway. We are in the process of gathering that additional information and plan to submit to BLM in the coming weeks. We have already taken this into account in our schedule and are still aiming for Over The River to be exhibited in a two-week period between mid-July and mid-August, 2012.

With regard to the report itself, we are pleased that BLM has released this. There is a significant amount of important analysis and information in the report and it will help inform the discussion and analysis during the EIS process. It is important to point out that this is preliminary information that will be thoroughly evaluated by the contractor that BLM selects to prepare the EIS. We look forward to getting that process underway and are committed to working with the local communities and the governmental agencies to address the issues and concerns and ensure that Over The River is a positive cultural and recreational experience for all involved.

Attached are 3 fact sheets on Over The River that you might find helpful when reporting on this. Thank you for your questions - providing accurate information to the public is a top priority for the OTR team. You may also address inquires to Steve Coffin or Megan Lane at GBSM, a communications firm we working with in Denver. Thanks again for your interest in Over The River.

Jonita Davenport


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