Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How the festival fared

So, how did the Colorado Festival of World Theatre do?

Festival officials tells us they had an attendance of 6,973 out of 8,445 available seats.

Wow, that sounds high. Even if you factor in the many free tickets that were floating around, that sounds high. Last year, the festival drew a reported 9,981, but it had many more shows.

An 82.5 percent attendance, if true, is darned impressive.

One of thing aspects we didn't report on much was the master classes given by visiting artists.

Here's a reaction to some of the master classes from Jim Jackson from the Manitou Art Theatre:

"There were about 15 students for each one. (Caldwell and Suzman classes.) Birgitta took Zoe’s and thought it was wonderful. They’re such pros, and great teachers, and very giving. For me, it was the highlight of the festival. The classes were mixed, from high school students to working professionals like Tom Paradise. They (Caldwell and Suzman) were very giving and very attentive to everybody. It was all monologue work, so everybody got individual attention. The feedback we got (from the students) was fantastic."

Anybody laying down bets on whether the festival will continue? We sure hope it does.


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