Saturday, May 05, 2007

Burying the Lede

This is the journalistic term for putting the key information in a story or press release anywhere except at the top. Last week I received a press release with a textbook example.

The subject was a group of local dancers who will perform in Germany in June at the Keiler Woche summer festival. Some of the works will be previewed here on May 12 at the Colorado Jazz Dance Company's annual spring concert.

Well, that's undeniably interesting, because a lot of good dancers get their start in Colorado Springs, and it's great to see them getting opportunities to perform. But it's also extremely rare for "Go!" to feature articles about events taking place far away: Local events take precedence.

But whoa, then I got to paragraph five: "The May 12 concert will also serve as the debut of Indigo Dance Theatre, a professional dance company under the artistic direction of [Zetta] Alderman."

That's news. Afaik, Colorado Springs has never had a full-time professional dance company. And Zetta Alderman - the Colorado Jazz Dance Company's artistic director - is not someone who would throw around the word "professional" loosely.

So I visited the Colorado Jazz Dance Company's enormous new digs east of Powers, where Zetta filled me in on the plans she and UNLV dance professor Richard Havey have for the new group. Next Friday's "Go!" will contain a story about the coming of Indigo Dance Theatre - an even with potentially major implications for the region's performing arts scene.

And unlke this blog entry, I promise not to bury the lede!


Blogger Janice Thompson said...

Hello there...
I just have a quick question. A million years ago (actually, in the 70's) I was involved in a summer theater program in the Houston area with a girl named Zetta Shook. Most talented girl I knew. I'm wondering if she's the same Zetta mentioned in your article. If so, would you mind giving her my email address? My name (at that time) was Janice Hanna. It's Thompson now. She might also remember my younger sister, Karen, who also took classes at Theater Under the Stars.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Mark Arnest said...

The very same. I guess even in a city the size of Houston, there aren't many people named "Zetta."

I'll pass on your contact info.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous aubrey said...

hey guys...
um i one of zetta's dancers now.
she was zetta shook and got married. if you look in google for daza arts, our website is there and im sure you can get in touch with her =]
thanks guys!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - Janice - I also studied at Theater Under The Stars and took dance class with Bill Hudson - do you remember him? I also thought Zetta was an amazing dancer - me being a novice I aspired to be as good as her. It's grea to see she's gone on to being artistic director. Did you find her e-mail address perchance? also do you remember Bill Hudson? he was amazing too.
my e-mail is: - should you have more info.
Thanks - Sally

3:31 PM  

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