Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Take that, Kenny G


Mix the playful spontaneity of Grammy-winning jazz flutist Dave Valentin with the rocking ferocity of Denver-based Dostero and you don’t get a concert. You get a musical event.

A fund-raiser for FutureSelf, the romping annual Valentin visitation on Saturday made us wish we weren’t sitting at tables in the Antlers Hiton ballroom but dancing in a soulful jazz club. The mostly improvised tunes, with Valentin scatting into his flute and the Dotsero dudes playing jazz on the wild side, had us swaying in our seats.

Students from The Conservatory also jammed with Valentin; they were fearless in performing their amazing solos.

Valentin closed the show with this advice to the kids: “Don’t listen to Kenny G. It’ll give you acne!”

After the concert, we caught up with Valentin at the Northside home of Fred Whitacre, the jazz fanatic who annually kidnaps Valentin and somehow gets him to play for us.

As if schmoozing with a Grammy winner weren’t enough ... None other than “NYPD Blue” actor Esai Morales, who had been at the Hispanic Chamber Gala at the Sheraton, strolled in and hugged Valentin.

“How do you guys know each other?” we asked.

They looked quizically at one-another, then shrugged.

They both live in New York City and have known each other for years, but neither remembers how they met.

Strange? Not as strange as two of the most famous visitors to the Springs both ending up at the same party.


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