Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week in Review Debut

This week we introduce a week in review feature in Go!, which is something I’ve wanted for years. The immediate motivation is the change in our policy of reviewing the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. (See “CS Philharmonic Reviews - Online Only.”) The new feature will provide an opportunity for people who didn’t see the online review to get at least part of its content.

But it’s also going to be a place for capsule reviews of events the Gazette hasn’t reviewed in the past. Traditionally, we’ve only run reviews of one-time concerts when they were major touring shows, such as Cher’s semi-annual farewell. As the paper of record, it’s never made sense to me that the Gazette so rarely runs reviews after the fact; after all, we write about every Sky Sox game, even though it will never again occur — and the crowds at Sky Sox games are often smaller than those at concerts.

With the timely online reviews and the following week in review, the Gazette will now have significantly broader and more flexible arts coverage. For instance:

On Saturday, I’m going to review the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs. The orchestra has long deserved this, but it was tough to sell the metro section on another misplaced review with another tight Saturday night deadline for a concert only a few hundred people would see. Now we can get a full review online by midnight Saturday — in time to plug the Sunday afternoon performance — and a capsule the following Friday. The only issues now are Warren’s and my respective schedules.

And on Sunday, Gordon Stewart will make his debut as organist and director of music at Grace Church. This position traditionally has been the city’s most important church music position - for decades it was the region's best organ, and Grace Church is home of the Taylor Memorial Concert series. This is the sort of recital that we never would have reviewed previously; now it will have space in the Friday capsule, and perhaps on this blog.


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